Come and discover the most interesting and unique wonders of Morocco through our tours.

Personalized Tours

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Everyone has different tastes and passions.  Some people prefer to visit many attractions at one time, some people prefer not to travel in a haste, and some may be interested to know more about history and culture. Our objective is to create your tour, personalize to suit the length of your trip and the aspects of Morocco you would like to experience.  Just let us know the length of your visit, anticipated dates, the number in your party and what you would like to see and do, we will design a trip for you that you will never forget.  


Professional Team


Our tours are organized by experienced staff and our highly trained guides will lead your ways to experience the our genuine culture.  You will be accompanied by Berbers so you can truly enter into contact with the people and culture of "the amazing Berber world". The Berbers are the real inhabitants of this country. You will be amazed by their warmth, friendliness and hospitality that only a people with a long tradition in contact with nature, and living in large clans, could develop so fully.


Splendid Scenery


Go through Atlas Mountains to see the blossoms of roses and to the desert to have exciting camel trekking up and down in the sand dunes, enjoy a campfire in a cool evening and see millions of stars illuminating in the dark night.

No idea yet where to go?  Browse our homepage to get to know more about Morocco and and visit our Photo Gallery which you will find some magnificent scenery.